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Jim Shon
October 6, 2019
Jim Shon Publications

2021 - Gadfly - The Value Of Seeing the Same Reform Lessons and Patterns in Education, Aging, and Healthcare; Hawaii Insight Books

2018 - State Constitutions and Education – Hawaii Educational Policy Center

2017 - Defining Innovation in Education, Hawaii Educational Policy Center
2017 - What The Department of Education’s Directory Tells Us About Public Education in Hawaii Educational Policy Center
2017 - Why Charter Schools Are Not A Passing Fad – A Ten Year Perspective – Or Why Megatrends Matter, Hawaii Educational Policy Center

2016 - Author: Republished Various ebooks, LitFire Publishing Poison in Paradise, A Charter School Story, Inside Hawaii’s Capitol Co-Author The Case of the Good Deed, The Case of the Rainforest Reunion , LitFire Publishing
2016 - Author: Can The Standardized Charter School Contract Be Improved? Hawaii Educational Policy Center
2016 - Author: LOSING OUR WAY IN PUBLIC EDUCATION Paper presented for the IAFOR International Conference on the Social Sciences January 5-­‐7 Honolulu, Hawai‘i

2015 - Author: Student Costs of Living, Tuition & Debt At The University of Hawaii; Hawaii Educational Policy Center
2015 - Defining Civic and Citizenship Education – Or, What Is The Good Citizen? Hawaii Educational Policy Center

2014 - A Short Voters’ Guide To The Proposed Constitutional Amendment For Early Education Programs, Hawaii Educational Policy Center

2013 - 2019 Author, Hawaii Educational Policy Center policy briefs, policy studies, etc. Hawaii Educational Policy Center

2012 - Author: Poison in Paradise, novel. RoseDog Books, Pittsburg.

2008 - Co-Author: Teacher Education Work Force Research Group (TEWFRG) Interim Report to the Legislature on Senate Concurrent Resolution 56 S.D.1 Requesting the Hawaii Educational Policy Center to Report on the Retention and Change in Assignment of Teachers within the Department of Education. Hawaii Educational Policy Center, January 2008.
2008 - Co-Author: Report to the Legislature on Senate Concurrent Resolution 118 SD1 HD1: Improving the Community’s Understanding of the Department of Education’s programs and School Expenses Including a Comparison of Other States on Adequacy of Funds, Hawaii Educational Policy Center. December 2008.

2007 - Author, A Charter Story: Hawaii’s Experience in Creating a Charter School System,, Honolulu, 2008

2006 - Author: Charter School Administrative Tool Kit (Consultant with the Charter School Network). This Tool kit incorporates Best Practices for nonprofits as well as procedures utilized by the Research Corporation for University of Hawaii.