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Hawaii Insight Books

Three fundamental curiosities of our age – questions we wonder about – include:

  • What is the nature of democracy, politics and civil behavior in the age of social media?
  • What is it like to live in, and understand a multicultural and ethnically diverse community such as Hawaii?
  • In wanting to know more, can we see the patterns, appreciate the forces of human character and nature, and use our logic and reason to solve a problem or uncover a mystery?

Hawaii Insight Books are sometimes fiction, sometimes nonfiction, but always seeking to appeal to visitor and resident alike in exploring a broader and deeper understanding. As so many places struggle with harsh clashes between interest groups, cultures, races, and loyalties, Hawaii stands as a gentler refuge that is safer, more civil, and better able to smooth over differences. It is not that Hawaii is without tensions, without social injustice, without the challenge of affordability, without shrinking opportunities for the young, or without struggles between the corporations and the individual. But perhaps we cope with a stronger sense of community cohesion and Aloha than others.